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Ashtamudi converts into eight diverts and deciphers in nearby dialect as a lake with eight branches and is the second longest lake in Kerala extending a separation of 16 kilometers at last converging into the ocean at the estuary in Neendakara in Kollam. The backwater journey amongst Ashtamudi and Alleppey is thought to be the longest in Kerala and is the best involvement to personally encounter the best backwaters in Kerala . Ashtamudi lake is the best place to appreciate the tranquil magnificence of the coconut forests and palm trees along the banks the backaters and is less swarmed not at all like Alleppey. Munroe Island (Munroethuruth) which is situated at the intersection of Kallada stream and Ashtamudi lake is a group of eight small islands is named to pay tribute to Resident Colonel John Munro who administered the land rebuilding endeavors in Kallada waterway connecting the Ashtamudi lake. When you appreciate a voyage in Ashtamudi lake you can appreciate the sightings of Chinese angling nets which is privately known as cheena vala which is utilized for angling and different exercises like coconut husk retting used to create coir items and the kayak from which the swells from the paddle spreads out in the backwaters.